On December 6th, 2005, I had called together a committee of: Brian Grohowski (President), Maureen Grohowski, Ted Richards (Vice President), Gerry McGroarty, (Treasurer), Kelly Nilon (Secretary), Charles Majikes, Bridget Ryan, Denise Manfre, Frank Casarella, Jill Casarella, Janet Cussatt, Mike Manfre, Joe Rodzinak, Jen Majikes, Charyl Nagy, Amy Magda, Ross Wayman, Ann Andes, Tony Khalife, Bill Allen, & Randy Rodzinak. This committee has come together in faith that we keep Jarad's Foundation alive and well. I thank each and every one of them for joining our cause. Without them, it truly would be a long road ahead. Current Jarad Grohowski Foundation Committe Members as of 4-8-17 President - Brian Grohowski, Vice President - Ted Richards, Secretary - Maureen Grohowski, Treasurer - Ross Wayman..... Members in Alpha Order: Ann Andes, Frank Casarella, Jill Casarella, Dino Galella, Mark Glowinski Jr., Mark Grohowski, Ray Grohowski Sr., Tony Khalife, Amy Macko Magda, Bri Majikes, Brittany Majikes, Jennifer Majikes, Denise Mendoza, Mike Manfre, Gerry McGroarty, Charyl Nagy, Kelly Nilon, Cathy Macko Payne, Amanda Magda Plisko, Sue Richards, Randy Rodiznak, Joe Rodiznak, Bridget Ryan, & Greg Skrepenak,